2022 Idaho Manual of Rules & Regulations

Below is a copy of the complete Idaho Manual. It includes approved 2022 amendments and contains:

Constitution = Who we are
Bylaws = What we do
SOPs = How we do it
Each Bethel is required to have at least 2 copies of a complete Job’s Daughters Manual as follows (see Supreme pages B-BGC ArtII Duties of the Executive Members, Sect 1 (i)):

Download and print the entire Supreme Manual and print on white paper (you can find these on the Supreme website at www.jobsdaughtersinternational.org)
Download and print the entire Idaho Manual (below) on bright green paper.
Place the Idaho pages behind the corresponding white Supreme pages for each section.

The Supreme page gives us the basic rules to follow and our Idaho pages are tailored to our needs.

2023 New Pages

Download (DOCX, 54KB)

Complete Manual

Download (DOC, Unknown)