Grand Session In Person Updates

To the Idaho Bethel Guardian Councils, (this should be read at the next Bethel Council Meeting and prior to Grand Session)
Sherman and I are incredibly happy to announce that after consultation with the Supreme Board of Trustees (BOT) on May 12, 2021, the Idaho Executive Grand Guardian Council (EGGC) has negotiated with the BOT and voted to have a full in-person Grand Session in Idaho Falls, June 16-19, 2021. I know that good news travels fast, and you may already be aware of this. There is additional information I wish to make you aware of.

Attendance to the 86th Idaho Grand Session will be by invitation only and includes all current Idaho Bethel members, Bethel Guardian Council Members, Grand Bethel Officers and Grand Representatives, and select Grand Council Committee chairmen, majority members, PIGGs and other honored guests by special invitation of the Vice Grand Guardian, Jackie Holloway. All attendees to Grand Session must fully register to attend not later than May 15, 2021. Late registration will be strictly limited.
You may already be aware that Idaho’s Governor Little moved Idaho into Stage 4 of the “Stay Healthy” order (May 12, 2021). While this is great news for Idaho, we have the difficult responsibility of reinforcing the COVID-19 safety mitigations set forth by Supreme JDI Forward April 2021 and the COVID Communication April 20, 2021.

Early on through the negotiation process, while Idaho was still in Stage 2 and 3 of the COVID-19 pandemic, we began preparing a conservative Safe Operations Plan (SOP) to hold Grand Session-in person. In summary, the EGGC has had to make several tough commitments to both the East Idaho Public Health Department and the Supreme BOT for us to have approval for holding the in-person Grand Session as a “large” sleepover event of approximately 200 registered attendees.

We all share in the common goal and desire to keep our Daughters and all attendees safe while having fun when attending Grand Session. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and very much need your help for JDI-Idaho to meet the safety guidelines outlined in the SOP. There are minimum requirements attendees must meet before being allowed to attend Grand Session.

We require all attendees to be briefed upon the Idaho Grand Session COVID-19 Safe Operations Pan and ask Bethels to carry out this brief of key points with their members and parents of the Daughters.

  1. We ask all attendees (or their parents) to acknowledge in writing that Job’s Daughters International (Supreme, Grand, or Bethel Guardian Council) cannot guarantee that attendees will not become infected with the coronavirus/COVID-19 because of attendance to Grand Session. This SOP informs parents of Daughters and all adult attendees to attend Grand Session at their own risk. All attendees must agree to abide by Idaho’s “Stay Healthy Guidelines” which include:
    • Stay home if sick.
    • Attendees who are at higher risk of developing serious illness from COVID-19 should stay home.
    • Wear face coverings at all public JDI activities
    • Maintain six feet social distancing when possible.
    • Practice good hand hygiene, cover coughs and sneezes
    • Disinfect surfaces and objects regularly, and
    • All attendees should perform daily self-health screening for symptoms of COVID19.
  2. Further, we wish to inform you that the Grand Session is a sleepover event whereby the sharing of hotel rooms by the Daughters is not currently recommended by the CDC or by the Supreme Guardian Council. Therefore, parents are responsible for their choice (and consent) for the sleeping arrangements for their Daughter(s) at the hotel.
  3. A signed Grand Session COVID-19 Screening Form, SOP Attachment 1, is required to attend Grand Session. A signed Supreme COVID Release and Consent Form, SOP Attachment 2, is required for the Daughters to attend Grand Session. These are in addition to standard required forms (medical release, transportation permission, and medial release). Attendees who do not provide the required forms and agree to abide by the “Stay Healthy Guidelines” will not be allowed to attend Grand Session.
    Bethel Guardians and Associate Bethel Guardians: Please brief all Bethel attendees of Grand Session on the highlights of the SOP 1 week prior to Grand Session and have attendees (or Daughters parents) sign SOP Attachment 3. Due to the length of the SOP (intended for EIPH/BOT), key points are provided for you on page 2 Synopsis and Section 6. Safe Operating Plan.
    Bethel Guardians should obtain copies of all required-signed forms (SOP Attachment 1, 2 and 3) and email to the Grand Session Arrangement Committee registrar, Holly Rice ( IdahoGrandSession2020 prior to transporting Daughters to Grand Session. Please bring these copies with you to Grand Session. A copy of the SOP is attached and is posted on the JDI-Idaho Website. This SOP should be made available to parents.
    The Grand Session Arrangement Committee will do their best to ensure the safety (and fun) of this event. I am so excited to host Idaho’s 86th Annual Grand Session. It will be lovely to see you again, my friends. Please feel free to call me or anyone of the EGGC if you have comments or concerns. Respectfully,

    LaWanda Wold
    LaWanda Wold
    Grand Guardian of the State of Idaho Job’s Daughters International
    Attachment 1: 2021 Idaho’s 86th Grand Session Announcement
    Attachment 2: FINAL 5-15-2021 Idaho Grand Session COVID-19 Safe Operations Plan (SOP)