Miss Idaho Testing Information

Hello Idaho Jobies! We are excited to announce the dates for the Miss Idaho & Jr. Miss Idaho preliminary tests. In order to be eligible for the Miss pageant, a daughter must be at least sixteen (16) and not yet twenty (20) on June 19th, 2021. For the Junior Miss pageant, a daughter must be under the age of sixteen (16) by the same date.

When: March 28th & April 3rd, 9 am – 1 pm 

Where: Pocatello Masonic lodge, Idaho Falls Masonic lodge, Jerome Masonic lodge, Meridian Masonic lodge, and the CDA Masonic lodge. 

These tests can be taken even if the daughter does not wish to be in the pageant. It is always fun to test your knowledge of the order! The Miss and Jr. Miss tests will cover the ritual and music ritual of Job’s Daughters. The daughters with the top eight (8) scores from the Miss test and the top five (5) scores from the Junior Miss test will be contacted and invited to participate in the pageant.

The prices for the Miss and Jr. Miss tests are:

$20 per Bethel for one (1) daughter taking the test

$35 per Bethel for two (2) to five (5) daughters taking the test

$50 per Bethel for six (6) or more daughters taking the test

These proceeds help fund the annual pageant and are due to Grand Bethel by March 21st. At all locations social distancing will be followed and you MUST wear a mask. Masks will not be provided so you need to bring your own. You will also need to bring your own writing utensil. In addition to your payment to Grand Bethel, you will need to fill out the attached form (or have it filled out on your behalf) so we can properly prepare for testing. We look forward to seeing you all this Grand Session, and please contact Victoriah if you have any questions. Grand Bethel Line Officer test information will be coming soon.