Reminder to Submit Literary Entries!

Idaho Bethels, 
At this point, We have only had 2 literary competition entries submitted.  While there is still time I am forwarding this to all Bethel Guardians/Bethel Secretaries to ensure the information is available to the Daughters and if time permits, read as a reminder communication at the earliest Bethel meeting.It is helpful to receive literary entries prior to the Grand Session (extended to May 15), but not required.

I would love to encourage all the daughters to enter at least 1 entry into any one of the¬†Literary, Arts and Craft Competitions.It is such a joy to see the great talent of this generation of Jobies!I can’t wait to see my Jobie friends and all the beautiful Jobie faces!
Thank you very much!  See you in June.

Jobie Love,
Gwyn Bales, Grand Bethel Librarian

LaWanda Wold, Grand Librarian 2023

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