COVID-19 Update January 2021

To the Members and Volunteers of Idaho Job’s Daughters,

The Job’s Daughters International (JDI) Board of Trustees have advised all JDI affiliate jurisdictions across the United States (including Idaho) that effective February 1 until March 31, 2021

• In-person events may (but are not required to) resume so long as they are in accordance with guidelines issued by Federal/Provincial/Territorial/State/Local authorities and health agencies. Additionally, meeting venue rules and guidelines should be adhered to.
Please refer to JDI Forward, COVID-19 Recommendation Handbook dated January 21, 2021 which can be found on the Supreme and Idaho JDI website ( (Courtesy copy provided.)
Additionally, Idaho Executive Grand Guardian Council directs the following interpretation/clarification of the JDI Forward handbook:
• Federal/Provincial/Territorial/State/Local authority and health agency requirements shall be observed
• Masks shall be worn (properly covering nose and mouth) for all Jobie in-person activities
• Social distancing of 6 ft (2 meters) shall be observed
• Sleepovers are not allowed
• Jurisdiction wide or cross jurisdiction events are not allowed
• JDI is not allowed to take a “religious” exemption to meet authority/agency requirements
• Visitors and multi-Bethel events are not allowed
▪ JDI members and their parents are not considered visitors
▪ Initiates (and their parents) are not considered visitors
▪ Daughters (and their parents) may meet with another Bethel with Bethel Guardian permission (i.e. for seeking dual/transfer of their membership)
▪ Members of merging/closing Bethels may meet to conduct business.
• The handbook guidance will be implemented in Idaho in a consistent manner as follows:
▪ “NOT recommended” is interpreted as “NOT allowed”
▪ Recommendations using a form of the word “eliminate” will be implemented.
Please be reminded of the following:
• The Constitution and Bylaws of JDI remain suspended (until August 8, 2021)
• JDI Youth Protection policies and business procedures remain in full effect
• Majority age extended to 21 (March 15, 2020 through December 31, 2021) if requested by the individual Daughter.
As the lead Idaho officer of the organization, I support the revised handbook of COVID-19 recommendation and interpretation by the EGGC. However, like you, I look forward to the time when we it is safe to meet freely again. Please feel free to call me or anyone of the EGGC if you have comments or concerns.

LaWanda Wold
LaWanda Wold
Grand Guardian of the State of Idaho
Job’s Daughters International