Literary & Arts and Crafts Information

From the Grand Librarian:

December 22, 2021

Dear Job’s Daughters of Idaho,

I am very excited to be part of Grand Session 2022 and hope to have the opportunity to experience your talent, creativity, and get to know you better through your arts, crafts, and literature submissions.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have a passion for literacy. In fact, my Master’s Degree is in Literacy Education. Please don’t let that intimidate you, because up until now, I’ve only had the opportunity to use it with primary age students (Kindergarten – Second grade). I would love to see what great literary pieces our Job’s Daughters of Idaho are capable of publishing! 

As Job’s Daughters, we are encouraged to develop a passion for literature, arts and sciences. I challenge you all to find at least one category to enter, as your Grand Bethel Advisory Board has approved a wide variety of categories from which you can choose! The literary categories include Poetry, Essays, Booklet Cover, Song Parody. There are no word limits in the categories and they do not have to follow a theme.  The details are included in the Grand Bethel packet.  For each entry, please attach a Submission form (included in the Grand Bethel packet).

You may submit your entries throughout the school-year starting NOW!  All entries must be submitted before June 1, 2022. As an educator, I know you are already writing papers and doing art for school, so this shouldn’t be considered something more to do, as you can use those assignments you’ve already worked hard to create! They can be emailed to me or mailed to my address listed below. Please make sure to include your (or a parent’s) email address orphone number so I can verify with you that I received your submission, and that I was able to open it if it is sent electronically. 

BACK this year for Arts & Crafts – there will be an opportunity to sell your art!  The proceeds would be split, half going to you and half going to your choice of either the HIKE fund or the Sister to Sister fund.  The judges will determine a minimum suggested donation.  Silent auction forms will be used for those daughters wishing to sell their art pieces.  The Arts and Crafts categories are Painting & Art, Drawing, Stitchery & Sewing, Sculpture & Ceramics, Photography and Miscellaneous.  Details are included in the Grand Bethel packet.  For each of your entries, please attach a Submission form (included in the Grand Bethel packet).

I look forward to your submissions!! If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out, my contact information is below.

Jobie Love,

Jessica Hodges, M.Ed.

Grand Librarian  2021-2022

Email – Phone – 208-989-5522